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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Sinus Problems

    Eloise Miller.JPG







    When I came to the doctors at Alternacare I was having knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and most of all severe sinus problems that I had found very little help for. In just three weeks or less my pains are all so much better and the best of all I have lost five and half pounds!

    Eloise Miller.


  • Weight, Lack of Sleep, & Fatigue

    Before visiting Alternacare, I had gone to several different doctors. I was fatigued, old sleeping about 2 to 3 hours a night, and gained about 25 pounds. No one could find anything wrong but I knew something had changed. Even my old “standby’ diets weren’t working anymore and the weight was not coming off.
    The staff at Alternacare listened to my concerns. After seeing Dr. Poli for a couple of weeks, I was sleeping through the night and I was feeling like a new person. I have lost 15lbs the last couple of months and I feel great!
    Thanks Alternacare

    Heather F.



  • Weight

    I came to Alternacare seeking information on how I could lose weight and feel better. I’d had a hysterectomy and gained 20 lbs in a year. I was tired all the time and my joints were stiff. I felt like all my weight was going straight to my stomach. After 5 weeks I have lost 12 lbs, but better yet, I’ve lost inches especially around my mid section. My joint stiffness and fatigue have improved also.

    Donna Coffee



  • Weight Gain, Intestinal Systems, Fogginess

    Gielsa Callaway.jpg






    I have never been really slim but during my 2nd pregnancy I gained 30 lbs. My baby weighted 10lbs, the other 20 lbs stayed with me. Over the years the I gained a little, lost a little, gained again. Then I was in a bad accident and had accident and had several surgeries, had to take about 10 different antibiotics over the course of a year and would end up with a completely out of balance intestinal system. An over whelming tired ness at all times and stomach pains, fogginess so bad that driving in a car became scary.

    When I saw the flyer about hormones in our paper, I decided to give Alternacare a try. Now 6 months later my head is clear and my stomach pains are gone! And along the way I lost about 15 pounds. I feel in control of my body again and I’m not afraid to drive any more. Thanks to all of you here at Alternacare!



  • Numbness, Fatigue, Dry Scalp, Moodiness, and Weight

    Faye Wu 002.JPG
    Initially, when I came to Alternacare, I was suffering from isolated numbness in my left arm and leg. I went to an Internist and she could not find anything. She referred me to a neurologist. Although I passed many test, it was still inconclusive what was wrong with me. He then wanted me to do an MRI and nerve conduction testing. Since it was not guaranteed if they would find anything, I decided not to do those and decided to come to Alternacare. Little did I know, what I originally came in for, connected all of my problems- fatigue, dry scalp, moodiness, and weight that would not shed off.
    Currently, I have been under Dr. Poli’s supervision for five months, my numbness is gone, I have more energy, and my clothes have fit better. I cannot say enough how the whole staff treated me. I would recommend people give holistic care a try and hopefully change their outlook on life.

    F. W..


  • Liver Problems, Weight Gain, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, No Sex Drive, Insomnia, Depression

    Laura Dinkins 2.JPG







    I feel like a new person! I was beginning to lose hope in ever being healthy again and felt like I was actually dying.   I suffered from liver problems, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, no sex drive, insomnia and severe depression.   I WAS A TOTAL WRECK!   Not only did I feel awful, it was a challenge just to get out of bed and face another day of feeling miserable.  I knew something was wrong and wanted help.  I had an overwhelming sense of knowing what I was experiencing on a daily basis was not the healthy quality of life I should have.   I went to my doctor for help and after taking a series of lab tests that confirmed my symptoms and conditions, I became more depressed.   I was not happy with the type of traditional treatment of numerous prescribed medications where the side effects were just damaging and would make me feel even worse.

    A friend actually listened to me one day, told me about Alternacare and suggested I go to one of their workshops for more information.   I had some background on the holistic approach to health and wellness, so based on that and through prayer and faith I headed out for the workshop.  Every one of the symptoms I was experiencing was touched upon by Dr. Rob during the workshop.  I knew right then that this was what I was looking for and what I needed.   My consultation with Pam and Dr. Rob gave me hope again.   I received excellent educational advice on how the body works and what my body was doing.  After experiencing their customized treatment program for about five months, I had lab tests redone and to my surprise, EVERY ONE of my lab tests had improved over more than half.  I was absolutely ecstatic!  This has been a totally amazing and very rewarding experience.  I cannot think of another approach to health and wellness than what I am experiencing with Alternacare.  I look forward to my visits and living a healthy life.  Thank you to all, Dr. Rob, Pam, and the entire staff.  This has been an exceptional life altering experience.  God Bless you all!

    Laura Dinkins.


  • Weight, Leg Cramps, Fatigue

    david hill.jpg
    When I first came to Alternacare I was in doubt, but three weeks later I saw it working for me. I began to feel better about it. When I saw the pounds coming off then I begin to work harder on making mental adjustments.
    My leg cramps slowly went away and my energy level went up. My stomach has gone down and I have been able to work out longer. Also I was not able to see long distances and my eyesight has gotten a lot better, as well as my acne.
    I recommended a lot of my friends to Alternacare!
    David Hill



  • Weight, Stiff Joints, & Brain Fog

    When I started treatments, I could not lose weight. My joints were stiff after sitting for an hour and my knee hurt from an old injury. I also had diminished brain power. My memory recall just wasn’t working. I began nutritional supplements, detoxifying with Ultra Clear, vitamins and mineral supplements. I began to feel a little better. When the extra vitamins and minerals were added, my memory issues cleared up in about two days. I don’t know exactly when the joint/knee stiffness and pain ceased, only that I finally noticed it gone! Finally my weight began to drop slowly and steadily. Then my family and I noticed the brown patches on my arms seemed to be fading. My left arm is completely clear and my right arm clears more and more every day. What a bonus!

    Mary Barranti



  • Joint Pain, Constipation, Edema, Weight

    Merry Todd.jpg
    Even as a young child I rarely had daily bowel movements. My grandfather, a doctor, explained that if that were normal for me, then so be it.
    As a teen, I began experiencing edema in my ankles and joint pain. My parents sought the advice of many, as well as having me put in the hospital for numerous tests. Yet no one could find the cause. Medication was prescribed and with the pills I experienced the “rebound” effect – better one day, worse the next.
    Besides having fat ankles, I gained weight all over as the years went by. (Especially after the birth of twins.)
    Finally, I decided to try Alternacare. Why not? No one else could explain my idiopathic edema.
    After only two months of careful observations, testing, and nutrition plan, I have improved! My joint pain is practically non-existent. My digestive tract is healthier so that elimination is more regular. My ankles are improving and I’ve lost 20lbs!
    I can’t wait to continue the path to a healthier me. Thank you Alternacare for listening to all my symptoms and guiding me in my quest for better nutritional health.
    Merry Todd



  • Hormonal, Tired, Couldn’t Sleep, Joint Pain, Depression, High Cholesterol

    Jane Ray.jpg






    My experience has been a very positive one. When I first came, I really didn’t know what to expect. I have been educated on how the body works, which has helped me to understand my care that I am receiving. The workshops are great to help with that.

    I had so many problems. I was hormonal, tired all the time, could not sleep through the night, hot flashes, depressed, and aches and pains in my joints. With feeling and questions of WHAT DO I DO TO GET BETTER? I feel I have found the answer.

    After seven days on my program, I have lost eight pounds, my energy is improving, I sleep though the night, my vision is better and my joint pain is better. I am so excited about getting well. Now I have hope. One day at a time.

    This is amazing, please realize that after my Bad report I was not able to try to and get the levels down. I had so many things going on with my health that you now understand. with no direction to go. Not until I came to you and started my programs that I began to feel hope and I have been giving IT my All. This is a bonus. I now know that I am getting better. Thanks so much. I only wish others would have an open mind. God Bless.
    Jane Ray


    Cholesterol 279
    Triglycerides 153
    HDL Cholesterol 65


    Cholesterol 179
    Triglycerides 114
    HDL Cholesterol 51

    Jane Ray.



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