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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.


    Since attending Alternacare Holistic Healthcare, I have seen a lot of improvements in my sleep patterns and bloating.  I also had sinus issues, but after 6 weeks I am completely cleared up.  I have lots of energy and looking forward to a healthy life.

    Joyce Weeks.



    I’m off prevastatin, lost 21.5 pounds, and my blood pressure has gone down considerable.  I’m off baby asprin and have no stress.  My enegy is up and my leg cramps are gone.  Cholesterol was 203 is now down to 191 without any drugs.  I feel I have alot of energy.  I feel completely satisfied with the program.

    Darlene LaBine.



    Joselle Chatman

    I was not sleeping through the night, I was gaining weight and I had high blood pressure.  This concerned me so I tried several things to alleviate my symptoms.   I tried Weight Watchers for two years, high blood pressure medications and diet pills but my symptoms stayed the same.  This caused me to be restless, angry, tired and have low self- esteem.  I did not feel good about my self and my life and I did not think that I would ever feel better about losing weight, exercising and appearances.

    After coming to Alternacare I have been able to sleep at night, also I no longer have sweating issues; I have lost weight and have more energy now than I have ever had.  I have also started a running program, which I haven’t done in over ten years!  I would recommend Alternacare to my friends and family.

    Joselle Chatman.




    The main symptom that brought me to Alternacare was my midsection belly weight but I also had joint pain from arthritis, cold feet and bloating.  I exercised and tried Weight Watchers but nothing seemed to help.  I was sluggish, I had low energy, I had some depression and a lot of swelling.  These symptoms prevented me from being active like I enjoyed.  It affected my mood, happiness and interactions with others socially in a negative way.

    After coming to Alternacare my bloating has decreased greatly and I lost 7 pounds.  I’ve learned about foods that improve my symptoms and taste good at the same time.  I’m able to be a lot more active and my mood has greatly improved.  Thank you Alternacare

    Marchalena Caldwell



  • Weight, Joint Pain, Insomnia, Fatigue

    Phillip Borgerdine.jpg
    Before I started Alternacare, I had little energy for any kind of physical activity. I had recently had my gall bladder removed. I also had joint pain, sleep problems, and was always tired.   I was also 50 pounds overweight. I am in the Army Reserve and I must meet weight and body fat standards as well as physical fitness standards (running and pushups), which were concerns of mine.
    So far, I have lost almost 25 pounds of weight and my energy level has increased greatly. I’m more active and look forward to working out everyday.
    I still would like to lose another 25 pounds, which is about the only goal I have left to accomplish. I feel better now than I’ve felt in 15 years.
    Phillip Borgerding



  • I felt that my hormones were unbalanced and I had gained weight!












    I came to Alternacare  because I felt like my hormones were unbalanced. I had gained weight. I tried eating better, exercising, vitamins and the Atkins diet. I felt like no matter what I did nothing was getting better. I had to buy bigger clothes, try to stretch clothes out. I just felt very self-conscious and I hated shopping. Since coming to Alternacare I feel better overall. I have more energy. My sleep has greatly improved. I lost 13 pounds. I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror. I feel like I can handle food on my own now.

    Tiffany Kornaki




  • Weight, Lack of Energy, Memory Loss, Hot Flashes

    Marliynn Lowery.JPG
    My first visit to Alternacare was purely a fact-finding visit to appease my curiosity after reading their brochure. For a while, I had been feeling very lethargic, I had no energy, had trouble sleeping though the night, and could not lose weight. My memory loss had me feeling much older than I should. After reviewing my test results I was amazed. I have a long way to go to correct the abuse I have placed on my body though the years. Since beginning their program I have so much more energy, my memory loss (fog) has improved. I am now sleeping though the night, I have very few hot flashes and at present, I have lost 15.5 pounds. I am so happy with my results thus far. I am excited about continuing my program with even greater results. I fell great!
    Marlynn Lowery



  • Knee Pain, Foggy Memory, Weight

    I came to Alternacare with a multitude of problems. Not knowing what I was in store for. One of the best things is not having any more knee pain, or foggy memory. My weight was not my biggest concern but I have lost 16 pounds, what a nice bonus! Thanks Alternacare for everything!
    Lisa Burlile



  • Tiredness, Lack of Sleep, Weight Gain

    Cheryl Everhart.JPG
    I am a 56-year-old female that felt like a 75 year old. I was tired, could not sleep, and was unable to lose weight. In fact, I gained weight even without eating. My body was out of shape. Then a friend told me about a seminar in Sharpsburg on Saturday. I didn’t feel like driving but I came just to see what it was about. At the seminar I learned that my tiredness, lack of sleep, and weight gain could be explained. My body was not getting the nutrients it needed to function properly. After searching for so long, having doctors tell me “ I just needed to walk to the mail box” or “you just have bad genes,” I now had the answer. It is not easy, I had to learn to eat the right foods and to take the nutrients my body needed, but after 4 months, I feel great! I am no longer tired, I can sleep at night, I feel good and best of all I am losing the weight that for so long I could not lose. Thank you Dr. Poli!

    Cheryl Everhart.


  • Hip and leg pain, Depression, Sleeplessness

    Janet Duncan.JPG
    I started coming here to Alternacare after receiving a newspaper article and after talking to a friend who had success in coming here. I had been suffering from pain in hips and legs, depression and sleeplessness.
    It’s only been about three months of visits and supplements and it has made such a big difference. The pain is about gone, depression lifting, and I’m sleeping much better. I was diagnosed several years ago by my medical doctor with fibromyalgia and osteodegenerative arthritis and have had many bad flare-ups with pain.
    I now can say thanks to Dr Poli and very knowledgeable staff I’m happier and almost pain-free.
    Janet Duncan




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