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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • Sinus Infections And Stomach Problems

    A year ago I was having trouble sleeping, I was tired all the time and I was having a lot of stomach problems. I took sinus medication every day to keep from getting sinus infections but it didn’t always help. I used to get at least two or three sinus infections every year and would also lose my voice. I now have made it through the whole winter without any sinus medications and no sinus infections. There was only one day that I was a little hoarse but did not lose my voice. Now I sleep well. I have much more energy and I have no stomach problems! I thank God for Alternacare, the doctors and the staff!           

    KAREN THOMAS                                                                             




    I entered the program because I have tried several programs to loose weight without any results.  I felt bloated with gas, craved sweets, tired and had no energy.  I had difficulty sleeping and when awaken I felt tired.  I also had pain in my neck, left shoulder, and lower back pain.

    Since beginning the program I’ve lost 7lbs, I don’t crave sweets, not bloat feeling or gas.  The pain in my neck has greatly improved and lower back pain has improved.  I fall asleep easily and awake feeling fresh.

    Billie Williams



  • Weight, Sleep, And Mood Issues

    I came to Alternacare after having tried everything I could think of to improve my moods and sleep problems. I was also having problems losing weight after my 2nd child. While I was initially skeptical of the holistic approach, I am now completely convinced. After only 4 weeks of treatment, I am sleeping through the night, EVERY night, and I no longer have the emotional outbursts and anxiety problems that I was experiencing. My clothes are also fitting better and my energy level is through the roof! For anyone considering the "natural" approach to improving your life, I highly recommend Alternacare. The staff is open and accepting. They are a joy to be around!

    Ashley Pirkle.


  • Sleep, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Muscle and Joint Pain

    When I first came to Alternacare, I had muscle and joint problems. My blood pressure and cholesterol was also a problem.   I could not walk for very long and steps were a problem. I have always been a person with high energy and a lot of flexibility, and now I felt as though I was in my 80’s instead of 61 years old. Now I feel as I did back in my 40”s. It is great to get out of bed with a great attitude. I no longer have to go running to my coffee pot to wake up in the morning. I can sleep at night and the pain in my legs and hips are gone. My sleep is restful, I say my prayers at night and I am out like light.
    My cholesterol has improved from 270 in 3 months to 207. My good cholesterol has gone up, and my bad went down. I recommend anybody with health issues to come to Alternacare. You will be pleased with your results.
    Janet Rogers



  • Joint Pain, Weight Gain, Constipation, Headaches, Sinus

    Vickie Green.jpg
    When I first walked into Alternacare, I was a total mess. My joints ached, I was always tired because I always woke up six to eight times a night, I did not go to the bathroom regularly, I was having trouble breathing even when I was not doing anything, and I was 25 pounds overweight. After only one month, I feel better than I have in years! I am on the road to losing the weight, with already being down five pounds. I have to really remember just how bad I felt when I walked in the doors of Alternacare just a month ago. I have even seen significant improvements in areas that were not on my “issue list” like my constant headaches and sinus drainage. I am very thankful that I took the steps to get my life back.

    Vicki Green






    I came to Alternacare feeling low on energy and with sleep and digestion issues.  After 8 weeks of testing and diagnostic treatments and supplements I can see dramatic improvement in my sleep!  Also, after modifying the foods I eat and with the supplements, I lost 9 pounds and feel so much better.  Thank you Nola and Dr. Truax.

    Cheryl Peterson.



    When I first came to Alternacare I suffered from gastritis and stomach discomfort.  I also wanted to improve my overall general health.  I had already tried changing my diet, taking Zantac and acupuncture but it didn’t help.  At my worst I was exhausted and nauseated.  I also had indigestion and an acid stomach and would constantly regret eating and would not finish my meals.  I was worried about the nutritional impact this would have on my body and my life.

    After receiving treatment at Alternacare everything improved.  I was treated for intestinal fungus and an imbalance of good bacteria.  The probiotics and other treatments were 100% effective and I feel so much better.  I have more energy and improved sleep as an extra.  Thank you Alternacare.

    Alexandra Powers




    Before I came in to Alternacare I had liver and thyroid problems along with constipation and high cholesterol.  I tried just about all of the diets out there and Alternacare was my last chance to get it right in my book.  I was mean and nasty, I couldn’t sleep and my appetite was out of control.  I also had headaches every day and very low energy after lunch.  After coming to Alternacare I look at food through different eyes.  I lost 55 pounds, came off of all my medications, I have energy to burn now and I’m much happier.  Thanks so much Alternacare!

     Clara St.John Harden








    The main problem that brought me in to Alternacare was migraines.  I tried prescription medications which worked but were extremely expensive.  My migraines were so serious I was unable to work or participate in any normal day to day activities.  I had to endure trips to the emergency room for shots to “knock me out” so I could sleep to get rid of the headaches.

    After I received treatment at Alternacare my headaches completely disappeared.  I no longer take over the counter or prescription medications after the first two weeks of treatment and I sleep through the night and wake up rested.  My stress level is down and I feel better overall.  Thank you Alternacare!

    Angie Liles




    Lory Fall 2012

    The problems that brought us to Alternacare were Lory’s erratic and unpredictable behavior.  She had violent outburst, aggression towards adults and other children and even to herself that was not provoked.  She was always on an emotional roller-coaster.  Before coming to Alternacare we had Lory was evaluated for developmental delays by one of the best child psychologist in the southeast.  We were afraid she had autism or something close to that, but she did not present to be in the autism spectrum at all.  Instead, she was diagnosed with “Destructive Behavior Disorder” which could mean anything the doctor informed us.   She suggested if the behavior didn’t improve soon that we should take her to a psychiatrist and test for Bipolar Disorder.  No methods of discipline or positive/negative reinforcement seem to work.  This was affecting Lory in many negative ways.  She felt terrible about herself, so ashamed.  She would say she was a bad person or had a monster inside her that she couldn’t control.  She had to be taken out of prekindergarten min-year as it became dangerous for the other children and teachers to be in the class room with her.  Her behavior was just too much of a disturbance and she wasn’t learning anything.

    After receiving treatment at Alternacare we are happy to report all of Lory’s symptoms improved very quickly and she has had a successful year in Kindergarten!  We learned what foods she was sensitive to, along with adding supplements and the emotional highs and lows showed improvement after only one week!  She has greatly improved and less irritable and anxious!   Thank you Alternacare.





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