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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.


    The main symptom that brought me to Alternacare was digestive issues, overactive bladder and frequent urination.  I tried dieting and exercising but nothing seem to help.  I felt very tired and irritable like I was always in a fog and my stomach was bloated most of the time.  I did not have energy to do the things that I loved to do.  I could not get enough sleep and my digestive issues limited me from social activities.

    Since coming to Alternacare I have lost 23 pounds and my clothes fit better than they have in several years.  Pain from fibromyalgia has lessoned and is more controllable.  I do not always feel bloated anymore. I sleep better and get up less in the middle of the night.  I don’t take as much ibuprofen as before and my anxiety is much better.



  • Back Pain, Insomnia, Exhaustion

    Jan Richardson_1.jpg
    I came to Alternacare because I was having great difficulty going to sleep every night. I had a lot of sinus headaches, no energy and back pain.
    Now I sleep longer, have very few sinus headaches, much more energy daily and the back pain has lessened. I have also lost weight, which was not on my original list but a welcomed result.
    Everyone has been great to work with.

    Jan Richardson.


  • Hot Flashes, Allergies, Knee And Back Pain, Memory Problems

    When I first came to Alternacare I was on medications for allergies and hot flashes, which were out of control. I was over weight, had knee pain, back pain and memory problems. After all my treatment recommendations by Dr. Poli and his staff, I no longer take any medication I was so dependent on. I lost 22 pounds, my memory has improved 100% and I truly feel like a new person. Alternacare treats the source of the problem through natural means, opposed to taking medications, which just treats the symptoms. Thank you Alternacare for helping me to do what I could have never done on my own.

    Eloise Porterfield.


  • Weak Immune System, Allergies, Asthma

    MIRACLE 001.jpg
    Miracle Jefferson is my six year old daughter who developed Pneumonia in 2007. after having Pneumonia, she had problems with Asthma and Allergies. She has also had problems with Strep Throat consistently every 3 to 4 months and was given Amoxicillin to destroy the infection. Miracle had also been on the Defibulator on and off since Pneumonia.
    I took Miracle to one of Alternacare’s $25.00 office visit for children. Miracle was given certain products. She has shown great improvement since taking the vitamins and other products that Alternacare has given her. It has enhanced her appetite, her health, her stamina, her endurance and strength. Alternacare’s products have strengthened her immune system tremendously. She hasn’t suffered with Strep Throat, cold or stomach virus. She hasn’t been on Amoxicillin since she began the program that they set up to enhance Miracle’s health.
    I would recommend Alternacare to any parent whose child is having health issues. Thanks Alternacare for what you’ve done for my daughter.

    Ms. Janice Jefferson.


  • Weight, Hypothyroid, Fibromyalgia

    Sonia Frank august.JPG
    My name is Sonia Frank.  I’m 51 year old and, what anyone would consider living a pretty healthy life style, but still struggling with my weight.   Hypothyroid was also part of my life, along  with Fibromyalgia.  Two years ago I made the best decision of my life, “I quit smoking “cold turkey.”  I started feeling better the minute I stopped, even though I wasn’t a heavy smoker.  Then came a little bit of the problem, my clothes were getting tighter, months went by, and then menopause became a friend along with my weight problems.  Even though my size wasn’t that bad (8-10), my problem was buying pants.  I was getting worse and worse, everything was going to my tummy and started looking like my front was my back, I became very depressed and frustrated specially considering that I worked out almost 2 hours a day and was eating a very healthy diet, even had my own trainer at the gym!  I also tried many things that they claimed would help you lose weight. I would lose maybe a pound or two, but the sizes stayed the same.
    The beginning of last year came to the point that even though, it scared me to death, I was going to get a tummy tuck!  I ended up going to my family practitioner and gave it another try.  He prescribed me Adipex,,, OMG lost 5 pounds but almost killed me,,, I felt like a 80 year old woman, all this within 3 weeks.   I shop at Publix and have looked at that sign for Dr Rob’s clinic (AlternaCare)  many times, and finally one day, I got the courage to go in. ”That day changed my life”.  We started the program without some of my lab results and I gained more weight, my world came down and start thinking OMG what have I done?  Another, take my money deal,,,,,,,,That’s when I met Dr. Rob and he explained to me that I needed to be patient, as well as wait for the lab results so he can do his job.  Boy was he right!!  He started the treatment and like magic, I started saying bye bye to my pounds, but most important to my inches, I felt like my life was beginning!  I was no longer having hot flashes, my migraines were going away, and I was getting “My sexy back!   I lost over 20 pounds and many inches and have gained back my confidence and many more positive things.  My pouch is no longer with me.  I went for my thyroid appointment last Friday and the Dr. was stunned when he saw me, especially when he  looked at my lab results and my levels were better!   Oh, did I mention that all this has been happening in less them 4 months?  You read right, now my son has become a patient for different reasons, and my husband will be next.  If you’re like me a couple of months ago, don’t wait, I promise that the Dr. will help change your life.  I will always be grateful to him and the rest of the staff.

    God bless them all

    Sonia Frank
    If Sonia’s story sounds similar to yours, click to learn about your best treatment options for hypothyroid.



  • Sleep, Anxiety, Inward Trembling

    I came to Alternacare after seeing the ad in the paper. Someone had also recommended coming here so I decided to come. I had been dealing with anxiety, insomnia, inward trembling, and just overwhelming feeling all the time. I never felt like I completely recovered after having my third child. After testing was done, I was told I had some adrenal fatigue. I had most of the symptoms. It was a relief to finally understand what was causing my problems.
    Dr. Rob, Dr. Poli, Nola and the entire team at Alternacare have helped me tremendously. Now I feel I fall asleep quickly and find that I sleep deeper than I have in a long time. The anxiety and inward trembling now occurs rarely. I’m amazed at how much better I now feel and I’ve been educated in how my body functions and how nutritional supplements deal with the problems, and not just mask the symptoms. Thanks to Alternacare my health is great!
    Michelle Felton



  • Joint Pain, Insomnia









    When I first arrived to Alternacare, I felt pain all the time. Thanks to my husband Jim who truly believes in alternative medicine, I now continue to feel great and my overall body feels great.

    I can play in the dirt again, I now can play some golf because my SI joint is what was really bad. My hormones are completely restored. I sleep through the night comfortably and have much more energy.

    I want to thank Dr. Poli and their great staff that carefully and thoroughly listened to everything that was wrong. They did their very best with me. I thank you again.

    My name is Carol Jenkins, thanks for a better quality of life..


  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, Weight, Sinusitis

    At first a skeptic, I have seen that holistic healthcare has been an improvement in my own life in many ways. Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic sinusitis and overweight., I have seen dramatic changes for the better in each of these areas. I am now doing more physical labor around the house, yard and at work with little to no pain to my joints, and being a singer I am now enjoying singing extended periods of time without the conflict of infected sinuses and drainage. My skeptic outlook has been met with reality and it is good to feel this good.
    A Believer,

    Lee Chitwood



  • Depression, Low Energy and Weight Gain

    I am so very grateful to have found the people at Alternacare, especially Dr. Poli and Nola! Having emerged from a five year battle with depression, low energy levels and weight gain, I feel like I am in excellent hands with extremely competent caregivers. Energy levels are tremendously improved, I’ve lost 29lbs in a month’s time and depression is almost a memory. As my background is heavily rooted in “traditional” medicine, I was/am most impressed with Dr. Poli’s ability to both treat and zero in on systemic problems before my “traditional” physicians were able to recognize a potential problem. In one month’s time, my internist has cut my blood pressure medication in half! Thanks to Dr. Poli, Nola, Stacey and Chuck for being such profound points of light.

    Judith O



  • Sinus Infections And Stomach Problems

    A year ago I was having trouble sleeping, I was tired all the time and I was having a lot of stomach problems. I took sinus medication every day to keep from getting sinus infections but it didn’t always help. I used to get at least two or three sinus infections every year and would also lose my voice. I now have made it through the whole winter without any sinus medications and no sinus infections. There was only one day that I was a little hoarse but did not lose my voice. Now I sleep well. I have much more energy and I have no stomach problems! I thank God for Alternacare, the doctors and the staff!           

    KAREN THOMAS                                                                             




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