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Disclaimer: What you are about to read are the personal testimonials of patients. These are the opinions and statements of the patients themselves. AlternaCare makes no guarantee of results and individual results may vary. AlternaCare makes no representation to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any of the below diseases, disorders and conditions that the patient is stating below. *Individual results may vary.

  • I lost 54lbs! I have more energy and my mood has improved!









    I came to Alternacare because I wanted to loose weight. I had tried eating less, Atkins, working out, etc. I would loose 10 pounds then plateau. It was frustrating. I would go back to eating what I wanted and gain it back plus more. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I was disgusted with myself for being so overweight. I was tired and grouchy all of the time. Since coming to Alternacare I have lost 54lbs! My mood has improved. I’m not tired anymore. My blood sugar levels are normal! Now I enjoy what I eat. I feel more healthy and fit overall.

    Angela Sutherland.


  • Lost 26 1/2 pounds! Improved Energy! Medication reduced!










    I came to Alternacare because of weight gain that I couldn’t get it off with exercise. I was tired all the time and sluggish.  It was very difficult to get motivated to do anything. I was on antidepressants and thyroid medication that was being monitored and tracked. My primary doctor had sent me for sleep apnea evaluation which came back very mild. Even with the machine I didn’t feel any better. When I exercised I never felt the mood boost that a lot of people have from it. For a long time I felt I had adrenal fatigue but couldn’t get my doctor to address that issue. Since coming to Alternacare I have lost 26 1/2 pounds! I have more energy! My clothes fit much better and I feel I look better! My thyroid and antidepressants have been reduced! Cheryl Reed.


  • I lost 40 pounds! I have more energy and happier than I was!









    I came to Alternacare for thyroid issues and weight gain. I had low self esteem and was very lethargic. I was tired all the time and had no motivation. I would eat whatever I felt like. I quit caring about how I looked since I felt fat. I didn’t want to spend time with my husband. Since coming to Alternacare I have lost 40 pounds! I have started caring about my health. I’m happier than I was. I exercise daily. I feel better and have lots of energy. I’m  having fun going through my closet getting out my “small” clothes. Dale Ferris


  • I’m Down 25 Pounds and My Self-Esteem has Improved!

    Jodi Before and After

    I just wanted to say that my results so far have been fantastic! My self-esteem has improved (this alone is worth the care)!  My heartburn, mental clarity, motivation, digestion (no more “bathroom” issues) have all completely improved and I’m sleeping much better.  I’m down about 25lbs and have about 6 more to go.  The fact that I live in NJ and that we have been able to do this all long distance without me having to step into the clinic is amazing to me.   It has been such a great experience!  Pam is so knowledgeable and really helped answer all my questions and get me started on the program.  The staff are all fantastic and I’m so thankful for Dr. Rob and his assistance with my weight loss and improved health!

    Thank you so much! Jodi A..


  • Lost 79 pounds

    Ladonna Lynn

    I first went to AlternaCare because of a medical scare. I was told I needed to go straight to the heart doctor for a high blood pressure check. I knew that it was due to me being overweight. I went to AlternaCare to lose weight and to control my high blood pressure, as well as, for my aches, pains and Joint issues.  I did not want to take prescription medication so I did not take anything. I began my weight lose program for this reason.

    I have lost 79 pounds ,I am taking no prescription medication, as well as sleeping better ,more energy, feeling overall much better.   I also don’t crave any food or any sweets, this is a wonderful plan.  Donna Lynn.


  • Lost 29 Pounds! Relief from Hot Flashes! Quality of Life Improved!


    I came to Alternacare out of desperation for relief from the hot flashes, nausea, and anxiety that was impacting my quality of life. Weight loss was impossible, and I was experiencing brain fog, lack of motivation, and forgetfulness. During my hot flashes I would feel desperate, over-the-top hot, agitated, and anxious. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. After it passed, all was back to normal, but they happened frequently and randomly. I also felt heavy, slow, and uncomfortably full all the time. I experienced migraines and relentless chocolate cravings. I had no mental fortitude to complete multi-step tasks. I cooked only simple meals, procrastinated house cleaning, and was overwhelmed when trying to work my business. As a result, my family’s nutrition suffered, my home was a mess, and my business suffered. I couldn’t complete a work out or join my family’s hiking outings. I went to a neurologist for my migraines and endurance issues. The headaches improved with medication. I tried eating a clean diet, but when I had no improvements, I hit the sugar again. I also tried several workout programs but couldn’t keep up.

    Now that I am working with Alternacare, the scale is moving and the hot flashes have reduced. The nausea is all but gone! It was slow moving at first, but I was committed to doing my best. When I started seeing results, it helped me dig in more because it was WORKING! I have lost 29 pounds and greatly reduced my migraine medication. My endurance has increased, and my anxiety has decreased.—Lisa Skaggs.


  • I lost 26 pounds! My libido and sleep have improved!

    Tiffany WTiffany W2 I came to Alternacare because I had no libido and an uneasy stomach. I felt sluggish and unattractive. I had no sex drive at all. My lack of sex drive was affecting my relationship. I learned to live with the mild nausea and upset stomach. I tried exercise and strict, restrictive diets. Since coming to Alternacare, I’ve learned about my adrenals and stomach and it has really opened my eyes. I have learned to make healthier choices in the way that I eat and cook. I have lost 26 pounds and my sleep and sex drive have improved.  – Tiffany White




  • I’ve lost 21 pounds! My skin has cleared! My joint pain has improved!


    Angela YAngela Y2

    Before I came to Alternacare, I had belly fat, skin problems, and joint pain. I was self-conscious and, at times, my joint pain was so bad that I could barely use my hand. It made it hard to do day-to-day activities such as cooking, cleaning, and typing at work. I tried exercising at home and dieting to lose weight. I took over the counter medications for my joint pain every now and then. Since coming to Alternacare, I’ve changed the way I eat, and I work out every day. I’ve lost 21 pounds, my skin has cleared up, and my joint pain has improved.   – Angela Young





    The main symptoms that brought me to Alternacare were arthritis pain and weight gain.  I was on medication (aciphex) for over five years but it didn’t help.  I just lived with my arthritis pain.  I had seven leg surgeries for varicose veins and I had to wear compression hose. I have also been on many diets and exercise programs with little success.  I felt ugly and hopeless, like an old lady trapped in a non functioning body.  My range of motion was terrible and I struggled to get from kneeling to standing.  I just couldn’t function as I wanted and I felt like I could not enjoy activities I normally would enjoy because of my range of motion problems.

    After I came to Alternacare my range of motion has improved and my arthritis pain is so much better.  My need for acid reflux medication is almost non existent and I am off my aciphex medication.  I lost 84 pounds and I’m also sleeping so much better!  Thank you Alternacare.

    Lynne Vidiksis.


  • AlternaCare Saved My Life!!!

    Kristy Helton Before and After

    Kristy Helton Big pants

    Kristy Helton Many pants









    I can’t say enough about my friends at AlternaCare! I was heading into Pancreatic Cancer and Diabetes if I hadn’t have found these people!!!

    I have lost 42 lbs. in 6 months.
    I am off my prescription medication for Anxiety, Depression and for High Cholesterol.

    I feel again like I did in High School! I have been married for 13 years and I’m back in my blue jeans that I wore on my first date!!

    I went to my medical doctor because there was no reason for me to be so overweight! I had been eating right and excerising for along time and nothing worked. UNTIL ATLTERNACARE WAS AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS!!!! THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

    Please go see Alternacare they can help you!!

    Love ya’ll,
    Christie Helton




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