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  • Jan 2

    Dr. Rob’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse and Weight Loss

    Category: Online Store

    Dr. Rob’s Ultimate Cleanse is a 21 Day Detox Program that is designed to support the removal of toxins from the fat tissues.  The average person will lose about 9 pounds in the 3 week period but some will lose as much as 15 pounds. 


  • Mar 20

    Dr. Rob’s Ultimate Sinus and Allergy Formula*

    Category: Online Store

    Normally $49.95

    NOW $29.95

    SAVE $20.00

    This formula is NOT going to cure your allergy or sinus problems.  However, it is an excellent formula designed to support the reduction of  allergy and sinus symptoms.  Time, care and LOVE was placed into the formulation of this product and my hopes are that if you suffer from sinus and allergy problems,



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