Brand New Free Thyroid Healing Webinar

Some of the webinar topics:

  • Learn and receive a 4 day thyroid menu

  • Learn the foods to eat for thyroid health and the foods to avoid like the plague

  • Understand when iodine is the thyroid’s best friend and when it’s a mortal enemy

  • How people are dropping thyroid antibodies into the normal range

  • Learn the at home food allergy testing method for thyroid health–no labs or blood draw needed

  • The number 1 supplement for the thyroid gland, and it’s not what you think

  • How to create a thyroid healing lifestyle

  • The best form of exercise for thyroid health

  • Plus lots more.

Don’t miss this webinar, it is based off  Dr. Rob’s most current research.  

Event Transparency
Hey Guys, this is Dr. Rob and I wanted to explain a bit about this webinar.  As you can see above it is filled with amazing info, however, it is a prerecorded event that will feel like you are live.

Please know that I will still be answering all questions that you submit but I didn’t want  you to think it was fully live as I felt that was dishonest.

Rest assured, it will be amazing and you will get more info from this event than probably any where else.

All webinar specials offered are still valid. 

Much Love,

Dr. Rob

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