Body PH Level – The Truth About Alkaline and Acidic

Category: Blog, Videos • Sep 16 2016

Body PH Level- Should we be alkaline or acid?  Are there certain parts of the body that are supposed to be acidic?  In this video Dr. Rob provides some clarity on this complex topic.

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Body PH Level

The Truth About Alkaline and Acidic

Body PH level is an intricate detail in maintaining optimal health.  Don’t believe the myths that have leaked into many health regiments. Here’s why:

  • Too much alkaline can cause health problems such as poor digestion.

  • An overly acidic body can cause health problems as well and may be connected to various diseases.

  • We need an acidic environment in our stomachs while we are eating with a PH of around 3.0

  • Blood should be alkaline at 7.3 to 7.4.  If you put too much alkaline in your body, you could raise the blood alkaline above the 7.4 threshold causing alkalosis.  Alkalosis is very serious and can be avoided by being educated.

  • Incorporate acidic foods to your meals to help the acid in your stomach such as probiotics, raw apple cider, coconut yogurt, and lemon and lime


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