Best Thyroid Supplements for Weight Loss and Thyroid Health

Category: Blog, Videos • Oct 4 2019

In the below video I cover what I feel are the most important thyroid supplements needed for weight loss and overall thyroid support.

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This evaluation is the first step in identifying the cause to your thyroid and/or weight concern.

There are very specific supplements that helped to support each step of thyroid hormone production.

Best Thyroid Supplements

The idea is to give the body what it needs in nutritional supplements, and or food, to fully support these biological pathways.

In this respect, the thyroid will have the best possible chance of producing it’s most active hormone T3 and ensuring that T3 communicates effectively with the cell to create the desired reaction.


Thyroid and Weight Evaluation

Toxins, molds, viruses, adrenal fatigue and genetic defects are just a few of the almost 40 different things that can cause or contribute to thyroid problems. The Thyroid & Weight Evaluation is the first major step in identifying the cause.

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