Benefits of Raw Food Diet – When Is A Raw Food Diet Good?

Category: Blog, Videos • Feb 19 2016

Benefits of Raw Food Diet – There is a big controversy on this seemingly popular diet.  And unfortunately, even more people are getting ill because of the underlying standards of this diet long term.  In this short video, Dr. Rob unleashes the truths and myths.  Enjoy!


Benefits of Raw Food Diet?


The concept of this diet is basically eating everything under 108 degrees Fahrenheit.  When you cook your food above 108 degrees, you start to break down and destroy enzymes.  Enzymes help you breakdown your food, destroy pathogens and removed diseased tissues.  When you eat cooked food, your body has to take from it’s own enzyme supply to break the food down.  This leaves less enzymes available to destroy pathogens such as, bacteria, viruses and parasites and remove diseased tissue from your body.

Living food, such as an apple, is loaded with its own enzymes.  Those enzymes are locked tightly inside the cells of the apple.  However, when you chew, blend or juice the apple, you break down the cells and release the enzymes.  Those enzymes help you break the remainder of the apple down. This means your body has to make less of it’s own enzymes to break down the food and it can use its own enzymes to destroy diseased tissue.

When Is A Raw Food Diet Good?

The question is, when should one begin a raw diet? Eating red meat raw for example, can be an absolute nightmare and is not something I would ever recommend.  You increase your chances of pathogenic exposure by leaps and bounds.  However, fruits and veggies are fantastic to consume raw.  Because you are removing most meats on a raw food, (unless you are a sushi lover like myself) you will tend to develop certain nutritional deficiencies if you stay on the diet for a long period of time.  (Specific amino acids, as well as B12 deficiencies being the most common).  However, there are certain times when a raw food diet can be very beneficial.  In the above video, I give a short discussion on when a Raw Food Diet might be the right thing to do.  Of course, always consult your Medical Doctor before starting any diet.

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