Back and Pelvic Pain – Betty Doyal

Category: Joint Pain/Arthritis, Patient Testimonials • May 21 2008

I started coming into “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” because I had horrible back and pelvic pain. My back would have constant burning pains and a constant ache in it. I had suffered with these back pains for almost a year and a half and the pelvic pain for almost 3 years before I started my care. My pelvis was tilted and twisted.
I went to an orthopedic doctor for the pelvic pain. He sent me through months of therapy, but it only eased the pain for a short period of time. I was given pain pills to take, but would not take them because I wanted to heal naturally or with herbs.
I was unable to stand for any long length of time because the pain. I would have to stop to go and lay down while doing the simplest activities, such as cooking dinner, because of the pain I had when I stood. If I was sitting or lying and wanted to move my leg, I would have to pick my leg up with my hands, and move it where I wanted it. It would take me a while at night to fall asleep because I could not get comfortable. Once I was asleep I would wake up throughout the night with pain.
Only after 2 weeks of care at “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab”, I felt better than I had in years. Then only after 4 weeks of care, the constant ache and burning pains I had been suffering from were gone and have not returned. I am feeling much better. I thought that my aches and pains were things that I was going to have to live with and I am so glad that I don’t. I think that the care at “Alternacare Physical Medicine and Rehab” is great and I am incredibly happy with the changes it has made in my life.
Betty Doyal.

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