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5 Reasons to schedule your exam online right now:

  1. The exam is an incredibly accurate additional tool that helps to uncover the main organ or gland in your body that is stressed causing your weight and/or health problem. You are fully clothed the entire time.

  2. The exam is normally between $125 and $175, however, until August 23rd it is only $39 if you schedule online–a savings of up to $136.

  3. If you decide not to get the exam just call us and your $39 will be immediately refunded to you.

  4. You will receive an additional coupon as our gift that you can combine with your previous coupon for an even bigger discount.

  5. Yes, we can help you even if you don’t get the exam. In fact, our results have been excellent with our long distance patients/clients.

Purchase and schedule your exam now and save up to $136, get huge discounts off your future care and work towards uncovering the cause to your health and/or weight problem.

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  • Holistic Exam Normally $125 to $175. From now until the end of the month exam Only $39. Full Refund If you Change Your Mind.

Schedule your exam now!  Save up to $136!  This offer expires August 23rd.

  • If after the Free Consultation you decide not to move forward with the exam then we will immediately refund your $39.  It’s no problem at all.

  • I promise you this special is only for the people that saw this ad and will expire August 23rd.  This special will not be available anywhere else.  So take advantage while you can.

  • Everyone that pays the $39 for their exam will receive an additional coupon that they can use towards future care.  You can combine this offer with other offers for even bigger savings in our clinic.

  • If after the Free Consultation you decide not to move forward then we will immediately refund your $39.  It’s no problem at all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Call: (770)304-1500

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Weight Loss: How can this program help me lose weight?

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