susan springfield

Some of the symptoms that brought me to Alternacare were anxiety, cloudy thinking and sleep trouble. I tried changing my diet to cut out carbohydrates but that did not help so my doctor prescribed Xanax for the rough times. At my worst, I was hard pressed to leave my home for any length of time without being nervous. I always carried my Xanax just in case. I stopped going on overnight trips and going more that 10 minutes away from home. Twice I left overnight trips with my friends because I just felt too uneasy. It was sad and completely uncharacteristic for me. I have always been the social butterfly and the first one to charge out the door in search of fun however, we had a 5 day, all expense trip to Aruba given to us and I considered not going. It was the first time in years my husband and I would have a trip alone without the 4 kid, we needed it! I then had to use the Xanax everyday on the trip. Hard to believe that trying to relax can give you more stress. I stopped being me, I was irritable and the cloudy mind was driving me nuts. It made me truly think I was loosing my mind. I am surprised I did not end up clinically depressed. I did not do all the things I love to do,

After I received treatment at Alternacare our family has planned a trip to Disney World which I never would have considered a few months ago! I can attend my book club again without fear of the restaurant location being more than 10 minutes away. I feel more at ease everyday and I’m sleeping through the night much more often. I still have a rough night from time to time but nothing like the lack of sleep I was experiencing. I have lost 30 pounds and I use the Xanax very infrequently now. I no longer have a racing heart and swollen ankles and feet. I feel more like myself which is a priceless gift. Thank you!

Susan Springfield


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