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Link Between Depression Anxiety and Intestinal Problems

Many people with anxiety and depression have tried everything from countless blood tests, visiting doctor after doctor, trying nutritional supplements and other remedies with usually no long lasting results. What’s worse, is many of the labs studies come back “normal” making the patient feel it is, “all in their head” and the only solution are powerful mind-altering medications. The truth is, there is absolutely a cause to the problems of anxiety and depression. In my experience I have found that over 70% of the time there is absolutely something wrong with the person’s body that causing these horrible symptoms. Feeling hopeless, depressed, not wanting to interact with others, panic attacks, feeling overly stressed, worried all the time or “just knowing something bad will happen” can have an actual physical cause to them.

For example, if the adrenal hormones become unbalanced you can get an overproduction of the hormone cortisol.Adrenal Fatigue image  When this hormone is in an unbalanced state with the other adrenal hormones in the body you can get problems with sleep, anxiety and depression.  In addition to that you can develop aching in your muscles and joints and feel fatigued.

Another example would be a problem in the intestinal track.  All the neurotransmitters in your brain are made from protein.  Some type of intestinal problems stop a person from being able to break down protein sufficiently.  If you can’t break down protein then you won’t be able to make certain neurotransmitters.  Intestinal Health and Weight Loss ProbioticsThis can cause a person to feel anxious, stressed, irritable, problems focusing, problems concentrating and sometimes even contribute to migraine headaches.

I could go on and on identifying all the things that could potentially contribute to anxiety, depression and other brain related issues but the list is so long that if you are reading this and didn’t suffer from depression you very well might develop it……LOL.

At AlternaCare we use a unique Holistic Health Examination combined with Holistic Lab Tests and sometimes a specialized type of Biofeedback Analysis that is not commonly done in traditional medical clinics or holistic clinics for that Lab Techmatter. These procedure are not diagnostic in nature but they help us identify the true underlying cause to a person anxiety or depression.  Once found, we can get the patient on the exact eating and nutritional supplement program to support their body in healing itself.  A healthy person doesn’t have anxiety or depression and that is what our goal is for you.  To create a healthier you, which subsequently, would be free from these awful condition.

The interesting thing is, in the last 19 years we have never had two patients on the same exact holistic program because each patient is unique. Each patient’s anxiety/depression might have a different cause to it.  The first step in uncovering the cause to your problem is either to fill out the contact form below or call the office at (770)304-1500 and schedule for your Holistic Examination.  Normally the exam is between $125-$175 but until September 30th it is only $20.  If neither of those sound right for you then please fill out the Free Online Health Evaluation – CLICK HERE  and one of our amazing staff will call you for a free consultation to explain your survey results and review how we can help.

A word from *Dr. Rob: Hey Guys!  Thanks for visiting this page!  I just wanted to say that if you have a health or weight concern, no matter what it is, please reach out to me.  I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and I have a true Holistic Doctorpassion to help you.  My clinic won best Holistic Medicine Clinic 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and we’ve worked with over 10,000 people and have an A+ Better Business Rating.  One thing i have found is health and weight problems not fully addressed tend to worsen over time.  So please either fill out the below contact form or call us at (770)304-1500 and one of my awesome staff will contact you ASAP!  I look forward to meeting and helping you soon.  

Anita Winje“….. I had seen psychiatrists and tried anti-depressants, but all I would do was sleep all the time. I gave up many activities I enjoyed, one being exercise. I even had days that I would sneak away from work to take a nap. I had no energy to engage with my family. These problems became very depressing and debilitating!

“Now, after coming to Alternacare I am no longer struggling with weight, no longer depressed, sleeping better, and have more energy! I feel better than ever!”

— Anita W. (Individual results may vary)

Cindy Vincent“My depression is nonexistent. I feel great. Thank you Alternacare for giving me my life back.” — Cindy V.  (Individual results may vary)

Shirlene GrantI decided to try Alternacare and since I began treatment I lost 20 pounds. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10. I’m off all of my medications and my energy is in abundance. I now sleep like a log and my anxiety is gone. I have much more confidence in myself and love how I look and feel. Thanks so much Alternacare.” — Shirlene G.  (Individual results may vary)

Susan Springfield

“Some of the symptoms that brought me to Alternacare were anxiety, cloudy thinking and sleep trouble. I tried changing my diet to cut out carbohydrates but that did not help so my doctor prescribed Xanax for the rough times. At my worst, I was hard pressed to leave my home for any length of time without being nervous. I always carried my Xanax just in case. I stopped going on overnight trips and going more that 10 minutes away from home. Twice I left overnight trips with my friends because I just felt too uneasy. It was sad and completely uncharacteristic for me. I have always been the social butterfly and the first one to charge out the door in search of fun however, we had a 5 day, all expense trip to Aruba given to us and I considered not going. It was the first time in years my husband and I would have a trip alone without the 4 kid, we needed it! I then had to use the Xanax everyday on the trip. Hard to believe that trying to relax can give you more stress. I stopped being me, I was irritable and the cloudy mind was driving me nuts. It made me truly think I was loosing my mind. I am surprised I did not end up clinically depressed. I did not do all the things I love to do.”

After I received treatment at AlternaCare our family has planned a trip to Disney World which I never would have considered a few months ago! I can attend my book club again without fear of the restaurant location being more than 10 minutes away. I feel more at ease everyday and I’m sleeping through the night much more often. I still have a rough night from time to time but nothing like the lack of sleep I was experiencing. I have lost 30 pounds and I use the Xanax very infrequently now. I no longer have a racing heart and swollen ankles and feet. I feel more like myself which is a priceless gift. Thank you!

— Susan Springfield (Individual results may vary)


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