SARCOIDOSIS (potentially life threatening disease) GONE! IBS and FATIGUE GREATLY IMPROVED! BLOATING GONE!

Pam Norris
I started this year with emergency surgery. In prep for this my scans showed enlarged lymph nodes in the chest and lungs. After months of tests, scans and seeing four doctors, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. When I came to Alternacare, I had zero energy and thought I would feel better if I could just get my hormones balanced. I told Dr. Rob repeatedly that I just wanted to feel better. I FELT AWFUL !!!!!!
I have only been on my program a few short weeks. I have more energy and my IBS is greatly improving. No more bloating! This is the first time in years that the bloating is gone. I feel no effects of my Sarcoidosis. People have told me that I have my smile back. Friends at church ask me weekly if I’m on any new herbs. Thanks Dr. Rob for listening and helping me to heal my body. Thanks staff for being friendly and helpful. I’m on my way to better health.
Pam Norris


Hello Dr. Rob

I wanted to tell you in person but knew you were busy. I had my C-Scan this morning and my Sarcoidosis is gone! Completely Gone!!!! Everything in chest was normal. The lung doctor reviewed old scans to compare and everything was normal. He even used the word cured. No need to see him unless I needed him sometime in the future for something different.
WOW what a Christmas gift!!! Can you tell I’m excited?
I give credit to the Lord for leading me to you. Thanks for listening to me and helping my body heal. If you could see me now, you would see tears of thankfulness.
Pam Norris


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