Adrenal Webinar Recipes & Handouts

Hey Guys!  Thanks so much for being at the webinar.  As promised, below are my:

  • Adrenal Stress Reduction Techniques
  • 7 of my favorite fast adrenal stregthening recipes and a bit about the health benefits of each.
  • I included some bonus information below.

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Adrenal Stress Reduction Techniques

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Dr. Rob’s Adrenal Recipes:

  1. Dr. Rob’s Red, White & Green:  A recipe designed to contain high l-tyrosine beans with vitamin C greens and healthy fats.  Feeding the adrenals and removing stress from the liver.
  2. Bethany’s Chicken or Salmon Salad:  A recipe designed to contain lots of healthy fats, magnesium, B6, B5 and B12, all of which are needed for adrenal health and function.
  3. Roasted Shrimp & White Beans:  A super high l-tyrosine meal, with a pound of vitamin C greens, healthy fats and antioxidant herbs.   Great for the thyroid and adrenals!
  4. Egg and Veggie Muffins:  A wonderful breakfast recipe designed to provide high amounts of vitamin C from red and green peppers and great protein and fats from eggs.
  5. Curried Kale and Cauliflower: A great vegan meal with gut friendly pumpkin seeds and anti-inflammatory spices to help remove stress from the adrenals.
  6. Nola’s White Bean Chili: Another high tyrosine meal, that is easy to make and contains anti-inflammatory fats to assist the adrenals.
  7. Fat Burning Candy Bars:  Originally created by Dr. Eric Berg and modified by Dr. Rob, these candy bars are a good source of magnesium and health fats for the adrenals.


  1. Banana Leaf Tea:  A super easy to make tea that provides nutrients that may help to promote sleep and support digestion.  Best to be taken after dinner or closer to bedtime.
  2. Dr. Rob’s Sweet Potato Yum:  A great dessert or quick vegetarian recipe that provides, B5, magnesium and supports healthy catecholamine levels.

Why You Should Never Eat Farmed Salmon

  • ☠PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyls) are very toxic chemicals that were banned in 1979 in the United States because of their potential harmful affect on the human body and environment.
  • ☠ However, farmed salmon are about 8 times higher in PCB concentration than wild salmon.
  • ☠ Gray, is the color of most farmed salmon. Additives are placed into the Salmon’s food in order to create an artificial orange color
  • ☠ In a study where mice were fed farmed salmon, they developed obesity and diabetes. The researchers believed this was directly related to the toxins present in the salmon.

Places Where I Get Healthy Salmon and Grass Fed Organic Beef

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