Adrenal Stress Reduction Techniques

 Dr. Rob’s Adrenal Stress Reduction and Lifestyle Techniques

Disclaimer:  you have real life problems that need to be address it is advised that you work with a mental healthcare professional.  We are in no way positioning ourselves as mental healthcare professionals.  We are not recommending that you break off relationships or cause additional stress in your life.  The above are tips to help reduce stress and improve positive outlook.  Please seek out a mental healthcare professional for additional help.

  1. Walking. Procedure:  You’d think this was simple right?  Wrong.  Lots of folks who walk look at the ground or talk with their walking partner about things that bother them.  What we want for the adrenal glands is for the person to walk and get out of their head.  Look at the environment.  Look at the trees, the clouds, the birds and the grass.  Appreciate nature and if you are walking with someone keep the conversations on a positive note.

    When I say look at things I don’t mean glance at them.  I also don’t mean stare at them like a lunatic.  I mean intent-fully look at them.  After you have definitely noticed that red flag on the mailbox then look at the tree branch.  When that has been looked at then view that cloud far away.  It is of benefit to look at things that are big, small, near and far.  Walking really helps to reduce excess stress hormone production and makes you feel better.

  1. Removing or handling negative people in your life. This can be a big one.  If you are around a person that just makes you feel terrible about yourself, or is overly critical of you, it sounds like it’s time for a good sit down.  It may be time to talk with that person and set some boundaries.  Explain to them what they are doing that is not ok or hurtful and ensure that they stop.  If they don’t stop then it may be time to simply spend less time with that person.  Life is far too short to be around negative, energy draining people that want to steal your sunshine.  Now if you are going to stop hanging around with someone ensure to work with a counselor before you just go dumping people.

  1. Laugh and have fun! Did you know that laughing can significantly reduce stress hormones and improve neurotransmitter levels?  It’s ok to be silly.  It’s ok to laugh and find the fun and goofiness in things.  We don’t have to always be so serious.  Watch funny shows, read funny books and be around people who you really enjoy and can laugh with.  What you put your attention on is what you get.  Put your attention on garbage and you’ll feel like garbage.  However, put your attention on the joy and silliness in life and you’ll soon start smiling.

  1. Stop watching the news and reading the newspaper. In my opinion, at least 95% of the information disseminated by “the news” has a negative spin on it.  It’s all doom and gloom.  Watch or read that long enough and you’ll be mentally programed to believe it.  I like to view my mind as a computer.  “What do I want to download today?” I ask myself.  Happiness or fear, sadness and misery.  Uh, I’ll take the happiness thanks!

  1. Unfollow negative social media groups. Simply put, just unfollow all social media groups or people that send negativity across your news feed.  Remember, you can choose what you download into your own personal universe.  If you download lots of positivity you’re more likely to then be positive.

  2. Clean up your space and clean up your mind. If your house is messy or there is a particular room that’s in bad shape, clean it up.  I’m not saying you have to make this room look like a room in the penthouse at the Ritz Carlton but if it’s dirty or messy clean it.  When you have clutter around you it can subconsciously create a similar state mentally.  It can weigh you down.  It can make you feel fuzzy in the brain.  When the space around you is organized and clean you feel better.  Sometimes the first step in detoxing a person’s body is to get them to detoxify the space around them.  Destress your space and you’ll start to destress your adrenal glands.

  1. Reactionary Delay Technique: This is a technique that helps an individual detach from the emotional connection they have from the situation and be more analytical.  The old statement, “I let my emotions get the best of me” or “I let my emotions get in the way” essentially mean that a lack of analytic judgement can exist in certain emotionally charged situations.  Being overly emotional when not necessary can be rough on the adrenal glands especially when someone has adrenal fatigue.

When I used the term, “emotional” I’m referring to an excess amount of a negative emotion such as, anger, fear, resentment and so on.  I’m not suggesting that if your coworker stole your money that is not something that you should get angry about.  Anger would be a normal emotion for that immediate situation.  However, how angry do you really need to get?  Also, how long should your anger last?  Should you be angry for the next 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days?

This technique helps an individual gain a more analytical perspective.  It is great to use when you get bad news.  You’d not use this technique if you were in an argument with someone.  However, you can use it if the actual argument is over and you are still harboring upset.


  1. Identify the negative emotion that you are experiencing.

  2. Tell yourself, “I’m going to put this emotion aside for a minute.” Mentally ball up the emotion, if possible, and put it in a space outside of your body.  It sounds weird I know.  Just do it

  3. Take a moment and look at 5 or more things in your environment without thinking of the negative emotion. Really look at this objects.  Don’t just glance at them but deliberately look at them. You should start experiencing a slight destressing of your body and mind. Once you feel that stop intentionally looking at the items in your environment and move onto step 4.

  4. Think of 3 things you are grateful for.

  5. Revisit the situation that caused your initial upset and do 3 things:

    1. Try and understand why the situation occurred or what potentially caused it. If it involves another person, put yourself in their shoes so you can understand them better. Understanding reduces upset.

    2. Take the situation and mentally put it in a space in front of you, like you are watching a movie. Look at it and determine how you can resolve it so you will feel better.

    3. Now write down the solution that you just came up with in “b” above and actually carry it out to a real life resolution.

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Hope this helps!

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