Adrenal Fatigue Diet – How to Eat for Adrenal Fatigue

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Adrenal Fatigue Diet – How do we eat to lose weight if we have adrenal fatigue?  Belly fat, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain and a host of other symptoms plague the adrenal case.  What type of diet would be best for this case? In this short video, Dr. Rob explains the best diet for adrenal fatigue.  Please subscribe and share!


Adrenal Fatigue Diet – How to Eat for Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue Related to Hormonal Imbalance

The adrenal glands produce many hormones some of which produce energy and improve brain function and other that will cause you to burn fat or store fat.  The balance of these hormones is key in optimal health.  For example, the adrenal hormone DHEA helps to burn fat while the adrenal hormone cortisol causes a person to store fat.  There are many things that can occur that will cause these two hormones to become imbalanced.  If the adrenal glands start to over produce cortisol and under produce DHEA a person is going to be more likely to store fat, particularly around the mid section, feel fatigued yet wired at the same time, feel stressed and possibly anxious and depressed.  In addition, they might start to develop insomnia, brain fog and old injuries might start rearing their ugly head again.  However, if these two hormones are in the correct ratio with one another, then the person will be more likely to burn fat, have energy, stay focused and have a sharp, clear functioning brain.

The Reasons

Now there are many reasons why these glands fatigue.  If you take a closer look you’ll see one of the common reactions is a cortisol response.  Meaning, cortisol is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory hormones that your body makes.  I’m sure you have heard of cortisone.  Well cortisol actually turns into cortisone in the body.  If there is something in your body producing inflammation, and I’m not talking about an injury or a sprained ankle per say, that will cause your cortisol levels to rise.  If the cortisol levels stay elevated for too long of a period of time then the glands become fatigued.  When the glands become fatigued they have to make a choice, should they make DHEA or cortisol.  The choice is usually to keep the cortisol levels as high as possible and then lower the DHEA levels.  The reason for this is cortisol stops inflammation.  If you body gets too inflamed you’d theoretically die.  So the body does what it needs to and up goes the cortisol and down goes the DHEA.  This leaves a person with some of the symptoms (there are more) that we discussed above.

Adrenal Fatigue Related to Hormonal Deficiency

Body with Adrenal GlandsNow the adrenals make a boat load of hormones; estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, DHEA, testosterone, pregnenolone, aldosterone and 7-keto DHEA to name of few.  As they fatigue the glands can start to produce less and less of these hormones creating actual hormonal deficiency in the body.  Now, don’t go running to Dr. Google and see what type of hormone you need to start taking as supplementing with hormones may not be the answer at all when a deficiency is present.  That could potentially just add fuel to the fire, especially if you’re not under a doctor’s care. We have to find out what is stressing the adrenals.  As the thing that is stressing the adrenals is the thing that is making the glands tired, which is producing the hormonal deficiency.  Just putting more hormones in the body is not going to fix the thing that is wrong with the adrenals and could actually make the condition worse.   If you need some help figuring this out please go down to the bottom OF the page and fill out the contact form and one of my expert staff will contact you ASAP for a Free Consultation.

Adrenal Fatigue and Neurotransmitter Production

The adrenals are one of the interesting glands in the body that also make neurotransmitters.  Have you ever experienced brain fog?  Memory loss?  An inability to concentrate or focus?  Well, if theTired Women in Red Bathrobe adrenals are starting to fatigue then their production of neurotransmitters can start to decline as well.  And when they go so does the brain function. So your symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, weight gain and so on might all be related to the malfunction of these two glands.  The key is to find out what is causing these glands to malfunction and we just happen to be very good at that 🙂  So please contact us if you need help.  Your initial consultation is FREE for a limited time.


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