Category: Patient Testimonials • Jan 1 2011

My name is Charlie and I am 4 years old.  Last fall I got real sick.  The vet said I have Addison’s disease.  That means my adrenal glands don’t work and I have to take a shot every month that makes me feel bad and costs a lot of money!  My mom has been going to Alternacare for a while and they helped her feel lots better.  She was telling Mr. Chuck an Miss Nola about me and they said that they could help me feel better too.  They said if Alternacare could help people with Addison’s disease, they could help me too.

Now I take adrenal support for canines and I can go almost 3 months without having a shot!  Also, the food I was eating wasn’t good for me so my food was changed to a better kind.  I feel so much better now that I can go walking with my mom again and I feel like I did before I got sick.

I am so glad to that the people at Alternacare cared enough about me and my mom to recommend a healthier treatment for us.  I would recommend Alternacare to any dog that is feeling “ruff”



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