7 Reasons You Can’t Sleep

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7 Reasons You Can’t Sleep

Not being able to sleep doesn’t just mean you don’t sleep. It can also mean that you sleep 6,7,8 hours a night but you wake up feeling tired or maybe worse than when you went to bed.

Here are 7 reasons you can’t sleep and what you can do to help yourself get more sleep:

  1. Adrenals – If you have adrenal fatigue you will wake up at 2:00 or 3:  in the morning and difficulty falling back to sleep. You can use Eleuthro, Camu Camu and eat 33% carbs, 33% Protein and 33% Fat. 7 Reasons You Can't Sleep
  2. Liver – When your liver is the cause of not sleeping you will usually sleep 5-6 hours a night. You wake up with aches and pains, tired and you may have a bad taste in your mouth.  You can use Milk Thislte, Burdock Root, Beet Root and NAC. You will want to go more low animal protein for your diet. 7 Reasons You Can't Sleep
  3. Ovaries – If your ovaries are the source of not sleeping you will wake up with hot flashes, anxiety, and you may wake up several times during the night. Try using Dong Quai and Raspberry Fruit and eat Flax seed and Avocados. Avocados look very similar to an ovary. It’s one of nature’s clues. 7 Reasons You Can't Sleep
  4. Kidneys – When your kidneys are the cause you will wake up multiple times during the night to urinate. We want to use Uva Ursi, Juniper berries and Horsetail herbs and eat a low animal protein diet. 7 Reasons You Can't Sleep
  5. Pancreas – You will wake up in the middle of the night wanting to eat or you may stress eat of an evening. Supplements you want to use for this are Vanadium, Chromium  in the form of O-polynicotinate and you will want a low carb diet consisting of 40% Protein, 40% Fat, 40% Carbs. 7 Reasons You Can't Sleep
  6. Vitamin B6 deficiency – If you have a vitamin B6  deficiency you’re body can’t convert Serotonin to Melatonin. Try using a vitamin B6 supplement and eat avocados, green/yellow bananas, salmon and spinach. 7 Reasons You Can't Sleep
  7. Akkermansia deficiency – This is bacteria in your intestinal tract that we look at with a stool study. When you have this deficiency you gut can’t break down protein. Your night time neurotransmitters are made from protein. To help with this use various probiotics, soil based organisms, and eat fermented foods.

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