6 Signs The Weight Gain is Hormonal

A patient once said to me, “Dr. Rob, I’ve tried every diet out there.  I’ve tried working out in the gym, working out with a (continued below)

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trainer, nutritional supplements and even medications but nothing worked.  “I explained to the patient, “It’s not you, it’s your hormones!”

hormonal imbalance

Hormones are chemical messages made by your body’s glands that tell your cells what to do.  Just like a mom tells her kids what to do these hormones tell your cells what to do.  Now, you have 6 hormones that will tell your cells to burn fat.

6 fat burning hormones

All diet and exercise ever did for us, in regards to weight loss, is they stimulate these hormone producing glands in your body to produce fat burning hormones.  The problem is if these glands are damaged then they will not be able to produce the correct amount of fat burning hormones.

Not enough fat burning hormone means that you are going to have lots of trouble trying to lose weight.  Not fun!  The interesting thing is your body will try to tell you something is wrong with it’s ability to burn fat by giving you different symptoms.   Here are 6 symptoms that your body will give you if it is having trouble trying to produce fat burning hormones.

6 Signs the Weight Gain is Hormonal

  • Difficulty losing weight in spite of a decent attempt at eating better and exercise.
  • Fatigue or the sensation that you don’t have the energy that you feel you should have.
  • Food Cravings:
    • Thyroid = carbohydrates
    • Adrenals = salt
    • Liver = fat
    • Ovaries = chocolate
    • Pancreas = sweets especially after dinner
    • Testis =  red meats and eggs
  • Insomnia or difficulty with sleeping.
    • Adrenals = wake a 2am and difficult to fall back to sleep
    • Liver = wake up after 5 or 6 hours tired and achy
    • Ovaries/Testis = wake up multiple times often with hot flashes
    • Pancreas = wake up hungry or sweating significantly (not a hot flash)
  • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Adrenals = heartburn, GERD, stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis and reflux.
    • Liver = bloating, constipation and itchy anus.
    • Thyroid = constipation or diarrhea depending on what is wrong with the thyroid.
  • Mood or emotional problems s
    • Thyroid = depression
    • Adrenals = anxiety
    • Liver = irritability or anger
    • Ovaries = crying spells and difficulty containing emotion
    • Pancreas = ups and downs of emotion (mood and emotion follow blood sugar patterns).
    • All of the above can create the sensation that you know in your heart the way you have been acting is simply, “not you.”

Free Hormone-Weight Loss Eval

Solutions for Hormonal Weight Gain

The first step is identifying which gland or glands in the body are damaged not able to produce fat burning hormones.  The below Free Hormonal Weight Loss Evaluation is a great tool to start you on the road to discovery.

Years ago, Dr. Berg once said to me, “Rob, it’s not lose weight to get healthy, a patient must get their body healthy so it can lose the weight!” and that statement is still as true as ever.

“Get Yourself Healthy and Then You’ll be Able to Lose the Weight.”

Now the second, and most important step, is determining what damaged or stressed the gland.

3 Reasons Why Fat Burning Glands Stop Working

  • Toxins
    • Toxins can block the hormones from communicating with the cells.  They act like a road block.  This can cause normal lab results and your doctor tells you everything is ok but you know something is definitely, not ok.
  • Pathogens
    • Can create inflammation in the body, which drives up the most powerful anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol.  The problem is too much cortisol turns off thyroid hormone and makes you store belly fat.
  • Deficiencies
    • Just like a car engine needs gas to work, different glands require various nutrients so they can work, that is, function properly and produce the correct amount of fat burning hormones.

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