6 Foods for Healing a Toxic Fatty Liver

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Could your liver be the Root Cause to health or weight problem?

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Hey there, liver lovers! Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite internal superhero: the liver! This bad boy is like the Swiss Army knife of organs, with a ton of awesome functions that keep your body humming along like a well-oiled machine.
6 Foods for Healing a Toxic Fatty Liver



1. Metabolism: The liver is your body’s metabolic MVP, handling all sorts of behind-the-scenes action to keep you fueled up and ready to roll. It’s like your personal energy factory, cranking out glucose and glycogen to keep your blood sugar levels steady and your energy levels on point.

2. Detoxification: Ever feel like you need a cleanse after a huge family dinner? Thank your liver for that! It’s the ultimate detox guru, breaking down toxins, chemicals, and even that extra glass of wine and slice of cheesecake you regretted last night, so your body can flush them out like yesterday’s news.

3. Bile Production and Secretion: Meet bile, your digestive sidekick! Thanks to your liver, you’ve got a steady supply of this greenish-yellow superhero juice to help break down fats and absorb those fat-soluble vitamins like a boss.

4. Protein Synthesis: Your liver is like a protein powerhouse, churning out all the essential proteins your body needs to stay strong, heal wounds, and keep things running smoothly. Say hello to albumin, clotting factors, and transport proteins – your body’s unsung heroes!

5. Storage: Need a place to stash your nutrients? Look no further than your trusty liver! It’s like your body’s own private storage unit, hoarding essential goodies like glycogen, vitamins, minerals, and even a little iron and copper for a rainy day.

6. Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels: When it comes to blood sugar, your liver’s got your back. It’s the ultimate sugar manager, storing excess glucose when you’ve got too much and releasing it back into the bloodstream when you’re running on empty.

7. Regulation of Lipid Metabolism: Got fat? No problem for your liver! It’s like a fat-burning furnace, synthesizing, breaking down, and transporting fats and cholesterol like a pro. Say goodbye to those pesky cholesterol levels – your liver’s got it covered!

8. Immune Function: Your liver isn’t just about metabolism – it’s also your body’s first line of defense against invaders. With its army of Kupffer cells and acute-phase proteins, it’s like having your very own immune superhero ready to kick some pathogen butt!

immune system

9. Regulation of Hormone Levels: Hormones feeling out of whack? Blame it on your liver! It’s the master regulator of hormone levels, metabolizing and eliminating those pesky hormones to keep your body in perfect balance.

10. Synthesis of Bile Acids: Did we mention bile? Yeah, your liver makes that too! Bile acids are like the secret sauce of digestion, helping you break down fats and absorb all those essential nutrients like a champ.

11. Regulation of Blood Volume and Pressure: Blood pressure feeling a little wonky? Don’t worry, your liver’s on it! With its arsenal of albumin and angiotensinogen, it’s like your body’s own personal blood pressure monitor, keeping things steady as she goes.

12. Storage and Recycling of Iron: Got too much iron hanging around? Your liver’s got you covered! With its magical powers of hepcidin, it’s like your body’s own iron recycling center, keeping levels just right for optimal health.

13. Regulation of Body Temperature: Feeling hot, hot, hot? Your liver’s here to help! With its heat-producing powers of gluconeogenesis and fat metabolism, it’s like having your very own internal thermostat to keep you cozy all year round.

14. Conversion of Ammonia to Urea: Ammonia got you feeling blue? Let your liver take care of it! With its amazing urea synthesis skills, it’s like your body’s ammonia-neutralizing ninja, keeping things balanced and toxin-free.

15. Regeneration and Repair: Last but not least, let’s hear it for your liver’s incredible ability to bounce back from anything. With its superhero power of regeneration, it’s like having your very own built-in repair crew, ready to fix any damage and keep you in tip-top shape!

So there you have it, folks – the liver, your body’s ultimate multitasker and all-around superhero! Give it some love, by eating the below 6 foods and it’ll keep on rocking and rolling for years to come.

Could your liver be the Root Cause to health or weight problem?

Take the Free Toxicity Test and find out.

How Toxic Are You?

6 Foods that can Help Heal a Toxic Fatty Liver.

Lemons – When you wake up of the morning you want an 8 oz glass of warm water and a fresh lemon that’s been washed. Cut a quarter of the lemon into a wedge, squeeze that into the warm water then droop the whole lemon wedge in the water. There are oils on the lemon which helps reduce inflammation.

Cruciferous Vegetables – Kale, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and red cabbage are excellent Sulphur compounds for healing a toxic fatty liver.  If you have autoimmune thyroid conditions such as Grave’s disease or Hashimoto’s or you have hyperthyroidism cruciferous vegetables are ok for you to eat.

6 Foods for Healing a Toxic Fatty Liver

If you have primary hypothyroidism you want to limit the number of cruciferous vegetables you eat.  Asparagus or green leafy vegetables are a great alternative for those with primary hypothyroidism.

Garlic and Red Onions – These are Sulphur compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidant compounds that help your liver with detoxification.

Apples – Apples contain malic acid which thins the bile. The reason that’s important is that your liver dumps toxins into your bile, the bile moves the toxins into the small intestines which are then excreted out of the body.

Pickled and Fermented Foods – These foods aid in the digestive process. Toxins from the digestive process are filtered through the liver. Adding fermented vegetables increase your ability to digest your food and makes your digestion much cleaner which means less stress on the liver.

Berries – Strawberries, raspberries, and wild blueberries help aid the body’s detoxification pathways. Berries are rich in antioxidants which help in preventing damage to cells caused by free radicals that compromise liver function. Wild blueberries can also help pull heavy metals out of your body. 6 Foods for Healing a Toxic Fatty Liver

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