4 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Category: Articles • Jan 13 2022

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The liver is responsible for activating certain fat burning hormones such as T3 and igf-1.

It’s also responsible for deactivating certain fat-storing hormones like cortisol.

When problems develop with this organ it can interfere with its ability to both activate fat burning hormones and deactivate fat storing hormones leaving a person in a weight-loss mystery.


When the adrenal glands become overly stressed they can overproduce their fat-storing hormone cortisol and under produce their fat burning hormone 7-keto DHEA.


The thyroid gland produces primarily T4, which doesn’t have a huge effect on fat burning.

However, you have to have enough T4 so that way the liver can convert it into the active form T3.

It’s T3 that will help you burn fat, have energy and feel great but if the thyroid is not making enough T4 you’ll never have enough T3 to carry out these functions

In the presence of too much insulin your body will deactivate most of you are fat burning hormones.

Problems with the insulin receptors that may arise due to certain toxins or poor dietary choices can create this condition in the body making it near impossible to lose weight.

For a person to lose weight and truly feel great they have to identify the Root Cause to their weight & health problems.

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