Diabetes-The 4 Causes You Probably Never Knew

Category: Articles, Blog, Videos • Jul 7 2017

In my opinion, Type II Diabetes is rarely genetic in nature.  Diabetes is usually the result of 1 or more factors that have gone wrong in the body, which I cover in the below video.  These factors are potential underlying causes to Diabetes.  Although AlternaCare and I have worked with many diabetics we in no way claim to treat this disease.

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Diabetes results when the body can no longer regulate the blood sugar levels.  The most common form is Type II Diabetes and is what is discussed in today’s video.  Insulin is the hormone that

lowers blood sugar and is made in the beta cells of the pancreas.  In Type II Diabetes there is usually plenty of insulin being produced by the pancreas.  Get that?  There are loads of insulin floating diabetesaround in the blood stream.  Well the insulin should be able to lower the blood sugar.  But what happens?  How could a person have load of blood sugar lowering hormone but their blood sugar still stays high?  It just doesn’t make sense.
In truth, this is not a problem with the hormone insulin per say.  It is a breakdown on the surface of the cell itself that prevents the proper usage of insulin.  There are 4 main factors that will stop insulin from working properly at the cellular level.  Watch today’s video and Dr. Rob will fill you in on what you really need to know about Diabetes.


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