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  • Apr 2

    Improving and Understanding Sleep

    Category: Articles, Blog, Videos

    3 Common Sleep Myths

    Myth 1: As you get older you need less sleep.

    Truth:  As you get older and the physical demands of sleep increase you actually need more sleep.   The problem can be as we get older we can develop certain problems with our physiology such as,


  • Mar 19

    Are Allergies Connected to Your Other Health Problems?

    Category: Articles, Blog

    The Allergy Weight Gain, Thyroid, Autoimmune Disease and Adrenal Connection
    Weight gain, autoimmune disease, thyroid problems and pretty much any health condition out there, can be made worse by an allergen (substance like pollen that produce allergy symptoms).


    How does it work?



  • Mar 5

    Food Allergies Knocking You Out?

    Category: Videos

    Hey Guys!  In the below video I’ll teach you how to tell if you are sensitive to a certain food through a simple test that doesn’t require any bloodwork or money whatsoever.   After the video I’ll touch on the difference between food sensitivities and food allergies,


  • Feb 19

    Signs of Heart Problems

    Category: Videos

    Learn Technique to Lower Blood Pressure in 15 Seconds

    It is an unfortunate truth that many heart conditions don’t have clear and recognizable signs—even if you have had a heart attack – there is no guarantee that the same signs will recur. High blood pressure,


  • Feb 4

    Everything H. Pylori

    Category: Blog, Videos


    H. pylori has been learning exactly how to live with humans for over 30,000 years.

    H. pylori is an expert at the following things:

    • Taking over the brain by getting into the vagus nerve, which can potentially lead to,



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