18 Pounds Lost! No More Hot Flashes! Digestive System is Flowing Properly! Inflammation Improved!

Penny B2

Penny B


Prior to coming to AlternaCare, I was dealing with weight gain, digestive problems, inflammation, and menopause symptoms. I was not sleeping well; Insomnia became my middle name! The hot flashes made it difficult to be affectionate with my husband, and my energy was always low. I was stressed and moody because I am my worst critic, and nothing was working for me. I would go in nutritional or vitamin stores to look for fat burners or thermogenics, but the weight always came back.

At AlternaCare, I learned what foods to eat, when to eat, and how much I should eat for my body type. I also gained the knowledge of which exercises to do for my body type. I’m more connected to my body’s needs. I have lost 18 lbs, and I have most definitely improved my sleep. My digestive system is flowing properly with no more stomach pains. The hot flashes are gone and inflammation is at a very low minimum. I have more energy and less anxiety.  – Penny Bush


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