SWS or Stubborn Weight Loss Syndrome

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SWS or Stubborn Weight Loss Syndrome

You’ve tried improving your eating, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, the Zone Diet, counting calories and every other diet under the sun.  You’ve tried weight lifting, walking until your shoes have worn through but still, if you even look at a picture of cheesecake you’ll gain 5 pounds and the weight, despite everything you do, just won’t come off and stay off.  This my friend I call SWS or Stubborn Weight Loss Syndrome.

SWS is extremely frustrating because it violates logical thinking.  Here’s logical thinking, “If I reduce my calories I’ll loose weight.”  Sounds logical, let’s see, if that’s always correct…..BLAAAAMMM.  WRONG ANSWER! 

See, all reducing your calories or exercising ever did was cause the glands in your body to make special hormones that cause your body to burn fat for energy.  After all, that’s what you are after; to burn your fat for energy and as a result, lose weight. However, what if your glands are broken?   Meaning, what if they can’t make the right amount of fat burning hormone any more.  In this case it doesn’t matter how much you diet or exercise you can’t lose the weight.  Why?  Because your glands are broken.  It’s the gland that makes the fat burning hormone.  If it doesn’t work everything else you do will have only a minor result.

There are different ways to eat for different glandular problems that will help to support the healing of the gland and losing of unwanted fat.  There is one particular way to eat, though that can be very effective for a large number of people.  From my recent experience I’ve found there is one way to eat where the average person can lose between 3 to 7 pounds of body fat each and every week.

The way this works is to target the organ/gland that most Americans theoretically have a problem with and that is the pancreas.  Americans in general eat too many carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates turn to sugar in the blood and cause the pancreas to make the hormone insulin.  Insulin is the hormone that lowers blood sugar which is good.  Nobody wants to have high blood sugar and slip into a comma.  However, when insulin is overproduced for too long a period of time, like 20 years or 40 years worth of American eating, you get too much insulin in the blood.  Problem?  YES!  Insulin is a fat storing hormone.  In fact, insulin is one of the most powerful fat storing hormones you have.  A system was developed by an MD/PhD Dr. Chanh and he found if a person ate a certain ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fat they can lose 3 to 7 pounds of body fat each and ever week.  I’ve used this system now with close to 60 patients and if they have a history of eating carbs in excess this system can really help them.  It’s pretty rewarding as a doc to see 3 to 7 pounds of body fat fall off a person who in the past, could never get the weight off their fram.  Pretty rewarding indeed.

If you’d like more information on how to eat and how to do this program just respond to this post or shoot me an email. 

In Health,

Dr. Rob


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