Diabetic, High Blood Pressure, Over Weight, High Cholesterol, Joint Pain and Fatigue ALL IMPROVED!

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The last three times I went to my primary care doctor, he told me it didn’t matter what I did nothing would helped me. That’s when my daughter found the Holistic Wellness Center in Newnan. She made an appointment for herself, my daughter-in-law and me. I was so proud they went with me, because we all needed help. I’m a diabetic, with high blood pressure, stomach, leg & foot cramps, joint pain, thyroid problems, high cholesterol and felt tired and weak all the time. I was on eight prescriptions and four over the counter medicine. My numbers were:

Diabetes(Blood Sugar) – 303
High Blood Pressure – 148/70
High Cholesterol – 215
Triglycerides – 500

I weighed 220 lbs. and I’m 5’5” tall. My primary care doctor was going to put me on insulin the next visit. I asked him to let me see if I could get the numbers down on my own. That’s when he told me it didn’t matter what I did nothing would helped. WELL YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Diabetes(Blood Sugar) – 95
High Blood Pressure – 129/70
High Cholesterol – 157
Triglycerides – 187
Weight – lost 19 pounds

The muscle cramps and joint pain are gone. I have more energy, and feel so much better. Thank you Dr. DeBease, Dr. Poli and staff for caring enough to show me I can do it, and prove my doctor wrong.


Mamie Upchurch.

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