Fatigue, Headaches, Weight Gain, Sugar Cravings & Sleep Problems

I came to Dr. Poli with fatigue, headaches, weight gain, sugar cravings and sleep problems. I couldn’t sleep through the night and woke up tired everyday and went to bed tired everyday. Generally, I experienced a headache everyday and had excessive cravings for sugar. On top of that, I had gained 25 pounds in less than a year. Basically I didn’t have the energy to do much but make it through my day. I spent many weekends sleeping excessively to catch up on the sleep I had lost, trying to build up my energy.

After my 3rd visit with Dr. Poli, I have lost 9 pounds and I’m beginning to sleep through the night more frequently. I haven’t had a headache in the last five days and I feel better than I have in years. My sugar cravings are gone too. The Ultra Clear and supplements Dr. Poli gave me seem to really be working.

My main goal when I came to Alternacare was to get healthy and feel better. My health is already greatly improved and I’m looking forward to getting even healthier.

The staffs at Alternacare have been awesome to me. They are knowledgeable, professional and very encouraging and supportive!

Kathy Stephens


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