10 Warning Signs You Are Over Stressed

Category: Blog, Videos • Jun 22 2018

We all know that stress wreaks havoc on the human body but did you know that stress can have a cumulative effect?  That’s right.  The effects of stress, if not properly dealt with, can sort of build up in the body.  And how do you know if too much stress has built up?  In this video 10 Warning Signs You Are Over Stressed Dr. Rob covers just that.  He reveals the key signs that occur when your body has said, enough is enough.

Stress effects the whole body but many times stress starts with the adrenal glands.  The adrenal glands are the stress glands of the body and when your body gets exposed to too much stress these glands start to break down.  If the adrenals break down then you can find yourself in big trouble not being able to tolerate any stress whatsoever.

Stress How To Cop With Stress

Ultimately, this can produce fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety and a poor immune function.  Stress that damages the adrenals can for some people even create irrational fears and phobias. What most people don’t understand is stress is not just emotion.  Stress is not just from the things that effect our mind but are from the things that effect our bodies.  Now, I don’t just mean that you worked your body too hard.  I’m referring to things internally that can stress your body such as, parasites, environmental toxins, heavy metal toxins, hormone exposure through food and water sources, yeast, bacteria, viruses and a host of other issues.  18 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

This type of stress can cause your cortisol levels to raise, which is a very powerful fat storing hormone.  The reason for this is things like toxins and parasites increase inflammation in the body and cortisol is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory hormones.  So when inflammation goes up so does cortisol.  So if you notice that you are starting to experience some of the telltale signs that I talk about in the video make sure to take care of yourself right away.  And of course, come in and see us.  Let us help you reduce the stress levels in your body by identifying the underlying cause and getting you on the correct eating and nutritional program..

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