10 Signs of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Damage

Category: Blog, Videos • Sep 18 2021

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Hormone Receptor Damage

I think one of the most frustrating things for someone who doesn’t feel well to hear is, “Well, Mrs. Smith, your lab findings are normal.”  “How can they be normal?”  you think.  “I feel like I’ve just been ran over by a truck, attacked by a grizzly bear and shot with 20 tranquilizing darts!”

Meaning, you feel exhausted and you know something is wrong.  You have thoughts of, “Maybe I should switch doctors?”  “Maybe this guy just doesn’t know his stuff.”  In truth, if your lab findings are normal, well then, they may very well be normal.  It might not be the amount of thyroid hormone or other hormone in your blood that’s the problem.

“You might have plenty of hormone in your blood but if the hormone receptor is damaged it will begin to fill like you have none.” ~ Dr. Rob

It may simply be that the hormone can’t due its job due to hormone receptor damage.  Essentially, hormone receptor damage can produce all the symptoms as if you had low or no hormone.  Why?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  You might have plenty of a particular hormone floating around in your blood but in order for it to be effective it must be able to attach to the hormone receptor that sits along the surface of the cells.

hormone receptor damage

Well, what if that hormone receptor is damaged?  If the hormone receptor is damaged then it doesn’t really matter how much hormone you produce you are still going to feel like you aren’t making enough.  The goal is to be able to identify if there is hormone receptor damage or at least if those things that can cause hormone receptor damage are present.

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