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Our goal is to find the underlying cause to your health and/or weight problem so you can lose the weight, keep it off and restore your health.

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AlternaCare Weight Loss and Holistic Health Care, Newnan GA

Our method: If you are over weight and can’t easily lose it with diet and exercise then there is something wrong with your body. If you have a health problem that is not resolving with traditional medicine, then there is something wrong with your body. Unhealthy bodies have difficulty losing weight and develop symptoms. The focus must shift from weight loss to getting your body healthy so it can lose the weight.

4 Signs Its Your Thyroid

Standard medical testing only tells us part of the story. Learn the steps to determining the true cause to your thyroid and weight problem.

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Patients state that AlternaCare is completely different than anything else that they have experienced before.

We analyze over 37 parts of your body to help point us in the direction of finding the underlying cause to your slow metabolism, major health problem or difficulties with losing weight. Here’s the awesome thing, it can be done in office or it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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  • What's Your Body Type?

    A body type occurs when your body starts to store fat in specific places and develops a unique set of symptoms. Where you store fat and the symptoms that you develop determine your body type.

  • Our Philosophy

    Your body has the ability to heal and lose weight. So why isn’t your body healing? Why are you having trouble with losing weight and keeping it off once and for all? It’s because there is something wrong with your body that is blocking your ability to heal itself, lose weight and keep it off.

  • Patient Stories

    See some of the successes our clients have had with their customized programs, online evaluations, lifestyle changes, and overall healthier living! We’re proud of all the work we do, and it’s our goal to help our patients live better.

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